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Which Types Of Atlanta Carpets Are Easier To Clean?

[October 22, 2012 at 7:22 pm]  

Buying a new carpet in Atlanta is an important decision, so you should do enough research before choosing one. Of course, you may want to choose one that will add to the beauty of your rooms. However, this is not the only factor you need to consider before making a choice. You might choose one that is resilient and easy to clean.

Carpets in Atlanta  are made from many different types of material. It depends upon the material whether a carpet is easy or difficult to clean. Nylon carpets are the easiest ones to clean. These carpets are also less expensive to clean than other types of carpets. Therefore, you can see nylon carpets in high-traffic areas. A nylon carpet can be easily cleaned with a good vacuum cleaner on a weekly basis. This carpet type stands up to sunlight and stains. However, you need to protect nylon rugs from moisture and wetness.

Polyester and olefin rugs are suitable for places where water is present, such as a bathroom. These rugs are resistant to water; however, they are more difficult to clean than nylon rugs. The problem is that these carpets tend to attract dirt. This means they start attracting dust and dirt as soon as they get dry after cleaning. Therefore, you will have to clean them once again.

Another factor that can make it easier or harder for you to clean your rugs is the loop pile. This determines how much comfortable, expensive and easy to clean a carpet is. All types of Atlanta carpets are made from loops, but in some cases, the loops are trimmed, which makes it a lot easier to clean the carpet. Carpets with closed loops are expensive and comfortable, but they are harder to clean. Cut loop carpets are recommended for a place that has high foot traffic.

So, these were a few tips on how to choose a type of carpet that is easy to clean. However, if you already have a type of carpet that you find difficult to clean, you can then have your rugs cleaned by a reputable, professional carpet cleaning service provider. The key benefit of hiring a company to do the cleaning is that the rugs will be cleaned properly and safely, as you may not be able to do the cleaning properly. Opt for a cleaning company that offers different types of cleaning techniques, such as dry cleaning, steam cleaning and so on. Choose wisely!

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