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Why Put Down Carpet Tiles in Atlanta?

[October 22, 2012 at 7:02 pm]  

Made from hard wearing man made materials, carpet floor tiles were an ideal choice for covering all manner of commercial floor projects. They have many benefits over standard rolls of carpet that are now being enjoyed more and more in the home setting.

Some reasons for using Atlanta carpet tiles for the home

For the best result the fitting of a standard carpet on a roll is most definitely best left to a fully trained carpet fitter. Due to how hard it is to work with, sometimes simple mistakes can be very costly. For example when making any cuts on a carpet roll, you have to make sure the measurements are accurate, or you could find yourself having to buy a whole new carpet. Well a lot of the pressure is gone when purchasing the right tiles. Cuts are done on a tile by tile basis, so a mistake on one tile wont be a disaster. Fitting can be done by anyone with a hand for diy.

When buying Atlanta carpet for an odd shaped room, or a room with dimensions that don’t fall into the criteria of a standard roll of carpet this can lead to a lot of wastage. This is not an issue when laying carpet tiles. Pretty much the area of the floor is only really the amount of tiles you will need.

Bringing your carpet tiles home from the shops will be far easier than a carpet roll. They are stored in boxes and are 50cm x 50cm square.This may save on delivery costs if you are able to use your own transport rather than having the store deliver and charge, or even having to hire a vehicle which can be very expensive.

Carpet tiles in Atlanta are made to be durable, but they are not indestructible. Proper care and maintenance should see them last a very long time. But if there is any damage done that can’t be repaired the beauty of tiles is you can lift and replace individual tiles as and when needed. This makes them a flooring option well worth consideration.

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