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Why Carpeting & Area Rugs Are Perfect For Home Staging

[February 22, 2017 at 10:34 pm]  

home stagingWhether you are a realtor, home seller, or home investor, home staging is a vital part of making the property more attractive and welcoming.

Part of that process may be replacing old carpeting or bringing in some area rugs.

When home staging, carpeting of some kind is more important than one would think. It adds warmth to every room which can’t be achieved with bare flooring. This is what “home” is all about, warmth, comfort, and sense of welcome.

Appealing to the emotion is important because it helps the property to sell or rent quicker.

The Carpet Lady, a local Atlanta Carpeting professional, regularly helps realtors and home sellers with home staging. We have some tips to help you create an attractive property with carpeting.

New Carpet For Home Staging

If your realtor has advised you to install new carpeting, they have good reason. A realtor understands all aspects of home selling and renting.

Carpeting is highly important to prospective buyers and renters. No one wants to move into a place that needs new carpeting. The entire time they look at your home, they will be thinking about how they have to bear the cost and trouble to get rid of the old carpet. Instead, they could be thinking about how fantastic and move-in ready it is.

When choosing new carpeting, be sure you opt for colors and textures that appeal to the most people. You can achieve a beautiful home staging design just as easily with a lighter carpet color than with something bold and dark. Lighter colors appeal to more people.

Remember, installing new carpet may seem like a waste. But if you think about it, you are not installing it only for home staging purposes. You are installing new carpeting to add value to the home and make sure it doesn’t sit on the market too long. The quicker it rents or sells, the better.

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