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Atlanta CarpetWhen you're looking for a carpet dealer who will give you their all, you're looking for The Carpet Lady, Inc. Our full service carpet company not only provides residential and commercial grade carpeting for purchase, but also provide mobile showroom in-home or in-office consultations..

You'll love your new carpeting, and you'll be glad to have your space changed into a luxurious design that you'll enjoy for years. Flooring is a great area to start when you have remodeling plans, and our company are experts at designs, plus you'll have name brand carpeting to choose from.

Your home is special to you, and we understand that here at The Carpet Lady, which is why we're so careful to give you everything we can, especially in the way of quality service.

Name Brand Carpet & Pad Dealers in East Cobb

When you're looking for something special for your East Cobb home, there's nothing like the look of a custom area rug or runner. You'll have a lot of options to choose from and we have it all. Whether you like plush and shag or short and woven, or some other carpeting type, you'll have everything you want.

We have a full line of beautiful area rugs and runners that are ready for you. The only things left to do is give us a call and if desired our consultation can take place at your home.

In-Home Mobile Showroom Carpet Consultations in East Cobb

When you get to see all our great samples held up to the other design elements in your home, you're getting an advance look at what the space will look like. And that's one advantage we have over our competitors - We bring the carpet showroom to you! Why not sit in the luxury of your home and be able to see the carpet in your space?

Custom Designed Carpeting - Area Rugs & Stair Runners in East Cobb

Area rugs are great for homes with hard flooring. Whether you have natural stone, wood, or some other type of flooring, they add an element of warmth to the space. We can create many custom options for you in area rugs and runners and your color or pattern choices will be innumerable.

Carpet Dealer / Retailer Services in East Cobb

at The Carpet Lady, you get simple, no fuss carpet retail services for your home or business. Our experts have the knowledge of any type of carpeting you choose. Whether at your home or business, you need as little interruption as possible. And with The Carpet Lady, you'll never hurt for quality carpets you can count on. In fact, we invite you to contact us with all your carpet needs and we'll see how we can help you too!

If you are looking for Premier Carpet Dealers in East Cobb, please call (404) 569-6520 or complete our online request form.

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"I have known Lara on many levels - both as a friend and a colleague. The qualities I love about her personally are also why I appreciate her professionally. She is caring, honest, respectful, knowledgeable, conscientious and fair. She means what she says... and follows through on what she promises. As a designer, I have to count on the people I work with to help me accomplish my goals - I never have to worry about Lara. I highly recommend her - you will quickly become a fan like me!"

| Rated: 3 / 3

"Lara is friendly, honest, knowledgeable and responsive. Her attention to detail along with her resourcefulness and integrity make her a wonderful asset to anyone who can use her services. Two thumbs up."

| Rated: 3 / 3

"I highly recommend Lara Rose - The Carpet Lady. Lara is a leader in her field with a vast knowledge of all items in the flooring industry. She is a pleasure to work with, has amazing pricing, gets the work completed on time and in a very professional manner. Lara is a true problem solver and is definitely a team player. Thank you for all of the quality work you have provided over the years. If you have any needs in the flooring field, the only place you need to go is to Lara Rose - The Carpet Lady."

| Rated: 3 / 3

"BEST in the business! Lara always has the most unique carpet selections to meet our non-traditional taste. I always recommend Lara, The Carpet Lady!"

| Rated: 3 / 3

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