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Atlanta Cut Loop Carpet

Loop Pile

Almost every type of Atlanta carpet starts with a loop pile. From there it is either it's transformed into one of two popular styles: cut pile and cut and loop pile. Loop pile is uncut carpeting meaning that its threads are looped into its backing. In this type of carpeting, the individual thread pieces do not stand up like regular carpet. Loop pile careting is usually referred to as Berber, which has a smooth, even surface. If you are looking for a carpet that can handle high-traffic areas of the home, you should consider loop pile styles.

Cut Pile

Cut pile carpeting is probably the most common type of carpeting, and is made by cutting the loops of the carpet. The yarn in cut pile carpets stands straight up which provides a fringed effect. You will find that there are a variety of different styles of cut pile carpeting that is available. Certain styles work better in high-traffic areas, while others are usually better used for less traveled areas of the home or office.

Cut and Loop Piles

Another type of carpeting is the cut-and-loop pile. This variety of carpeting is often referred to as "sculpted" or "sculptured," since portions of a loop pile carpet are cut down to create patterns within the carpet. The texture and visual appeal of cut and loop pile will add an unique style element to any home.

Atlanta Cut Loop Carpet

Atlanta Cut Loop Carpet

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